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The Margin of Hand 2021-

Hou Chung-Ying (侯忠穎)has been using the image of the hand as the theme and painting as the main form of expression to explore the complex and variable relationship between man and the world for many years. In this exhibition "The Margin of Hand", the hand symbols are used in multiple ways to explore various complex and ambiguous production phenomena of contemporary Art world. Between painting and frame, art and craft, art and life, "frame" metaphors the limited rational aesthetics, and "frame-painting" expresses the weak rebel of the painter's sentimental experience.


Hou is inspired by the experience of "hands framing" in the education of art academy, and the framing concept of easel painting. The artworks on this exhibition such as the frame full of gestures and the absent subject of the painting, Hou applies hand signs and frame-painting to symbolize political and cultural operations, trying to intervene and reconstruct the boundary of objects, signs, and art, transforming and converging meanings. To rethink and discuss the essence of images and art, and the complex phenomena of contemporary society.

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