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"Study of my Skin of Palm in 31 days“
The skin is a layer of delicate boundaries, which constantly pulls away from itself and becomes a temporal record.

If the hand is the medium through which people interact with the world, then the skin is the boundary of feeling and influence. Everyday skin records our daily life, and at the same time, it is in constant dialogue with the external world. It changes matter and is also changed by matter. It is also the boundary between human inner consciousness and the outside world, and it is also the view between our hands and the world. Evidence of the missing hand dialogue.

"The Medicine of Viaion"
The finger-shaped capsule is in the center of the picture, suspended above the background of Islamic patterns, as if a UFO is coming. The capsule symbolizes the modern panacea of civilization and technology on one side, and the psychedelic drug of contemporary social information and images on the other. Through the complex composition of sci-fi objects and cultural totems in "Special Medicine-Huang Qing", it implies that we, who are in a beautiful, artificial, virtual, and shallow outer membrane, may be facing Morpheus (Morpheus) in "The Matrix". ) to give Neo a time to choose between the red and blue capsules - would he like to continue to sleep in the illusion, or to see the truth through the magic mandala?

Study of my Skin of Palm in 31 days
Study of my Skin of Palm in 31 days
Study of my Skin of Palm in 31 days
by 侯忠穎
Study of my Skin of Palm in 31 days
The Medicine of Vision- Love
The Medicine of Vision part- Love part view
The Medicine of Vision- Believe
The Medicine of Vision part view
The Medicine of Vision- Oblivion
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