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Alumnus Chung Ying Hou Receives 'Light of Taiwan' Certificate 2 December, 2013

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Chung Ying Hou, who gained his diploma from the School in July 2013, has become a well recognised artist in Taiwan.

The School is proud to honour Chung's accomplishments since graduating and returning to Taiwan, where he has become the first Asian person to receive the 'Light of Taiwan' certificate. Chung's studies were funded through a partnership between the School and SPEY, a subsidiary of Harvey's of Edinburgh.

Pictured above, from left to right: Professor Brian Falconbridge, Chung Ying Hou, SPEY Special Adviser Peter Kent, representative of the Taiwanese government Lyushun Shen, and SPEY CEO John Harvey McDonough.

Established by the Harvey family in 1770, SPEY's old-fashioned distillery methods make it one of the most exceptional whisky brands in the industry today.


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